Nicki Minaj And David Guetta Speaks on “Where Them Girls At?”

US Weekly recently, caught up with Nicki Minaj and David Guetta to speak on the song they have together called “Where Them Girls At?“, featuring Flo-Rida as well. Find out how the song came about and learn how Nicki Minaj turned down Flo-Rida then changed her mind.

US: How did you come across each other, find out about each other, and how did you come to collaborate on the song?

DG: I was a big fan of Nicki Minaj so I was following her work. I thought she had an incredible flow and voice. When I checked her out I was impressed and I wanted to work with her. It was hard finding the time because we are both busy but we made it happen and I am so glad. I hope we work some more together.

NM: I had been a fan of his big dance records- of course I heard them in the car, in the club, everywhere. I had no idea that this man was behind any of these dope records. So when he said ‘oh that was me,’ I was instantly a fan because I was like ‘woah, you are a creative genius dude.’ He seems like the type of dude you want to party with and he’s very inviting so I fell for him the first day I met him. He had been trying to work with me when I was finishing up Pink Friday so I told him I’d meet him another time. When I went to Paris, he was there too and asked if I could come by the studio. I wanted to do a solo song. but he wanted me on a Flo Rida record and I said ‘no I’m not interested’ because I’ve been doing so many features. After he played the Flo Rida song I changed my opinion in 5.2 seconds and I was like ‘oh I am doing this song.’ It was just a feel good record. It sounded big and it felt great. And next thing you know, I was back home in LA recording, ‘Where Them Girls At.’ I changed the hook so it was from a female standpoint and I wrote my verse and the bridge and he loved it. I was just being crazy in the studio because if felt good. We might have a couple more surprises up our sleeves.


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