Lady Gaga Is Making A Christmas Album

Lady Gaga will be making a Holiday Christmas album this year. Usually, you’ll hear pop-electro sounds from the Born This Way hit maker, but this time she’s taking the jazz route. Gaga spoke with the Financial Times newspaper and spoke on how she brought the topic up to her manager,

“I thought it would be really sweet to do a Christmas release of Gaga and the jazz standards. I really want to do it. I’ve spoken to my manager.”

She also goes on how she’s a big Adele fan.

“I’m so excited for Adele. She’s doing so well all over the world and it’s wonderful to see the world embrace her. She’s beaten some of my chart records but I’m happy for her. I love seeing women succeed and she’s so talented.”

Hmmm, Gaga and Adele collaboration in the near furure?

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