Sunday, 17 December 2017

Video: Soulja Boy – “Juice”

Soulja Boy‘s latest music video “Juice” has hit the internet — the bass heavy song is off  his latest mixtape titled as “Juice”. The mixtape was released April 20th and caught a lot of buzz when Soulja Boy announced that the mixtape will also have a follow up mini movie, based off the movie “Juice” which rap legend Tupac Shakur stars in. Soulja Boy explains how he came up with the idea, “I was in LA a couple of months ago and I was watching the ‘Juice’ movie and I was like ‘Damn bro! Tupac, extra turned up in that movie!’ I was just doing my One Up Mixtape, so I was like ‘I’m gonna call my next mixtape ‘Juice.’ Soulja Boy plans to have the 45-minute mini movie premiere on BET later this year.


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