Monday, 18 December 2017

Rumor Meter: Drake Out of Young Money?

Could Drake‘s time with Lil’ Wayne‘s label Young Money be up? The rumor is slowly making it’s way around the internet. It seem like people have been trying to separate Drake with Young Money for some time now. Back in November, media outlets were reporting Drake and Lil’ Wayne  having conflicts during and after a show in Vegas. Then, in Feburary, there were allegations of Drake switching labels for Jay-Z‘s Roc Nation. Drake dismissed the rumor by saying, “YMCMB for the rest of my life. Always All Days.” What started the rumor this time? Well, last night…

HipHopWired reported Drake was dropped after a heated argument.

Drake was kicked out of Young Money after a heated argument with Lil Wayne and Baby. According to sources, tensions have been fueling for the past 2 months over unpaid royalties and Drake wanting to restructure his contract with Cash Money/Young Money. Drake who was not on the bill but was apparently there to make a special appearance but refused to take the stage and all hell broke loose. According to sources, during the argument, Drake screamed he was Young Money and if it wasn’t for him, the label would have died while Wayne was locked down. Weezy apparently became irate after the statement and replied, “This the thanks I get… We don’t fuc*ing need you.”

Today HipHopWired updated their report with a “HAPPY APRIL FOOL’S DAY” underneath the story.

Which sets the rumor as: False

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